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Quality Control

Cryoquip’s quality and reliability are legendary with virtually zero warranty costs across the wide range of products. Our total quality management program is second to none, and both Cryoquip China and Cryoquip Australia have recently renewed their ISO 9001 certification. Cryoquip is a fully approved supplier of vaporizers and equipment in accordance with the PED, with TüV as the notified body. Cryoquip’s pressure vessels, heat exchangers piping assemblies and other related products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII Division 1 latest edition and ASME B31.3, and Cryoquip holds a National Board “R” stamp. In addition Cryoquip is qualified to the Japanese KHK regulations for the supply of large ambient vaporizers, and to the Korean KGS regulations for the supply of high capacity Shell and Tube water bath vaporizers to leading electronic fabricators in Korea.

Cryoquip is also a qualified manufacturer to other specialized European manufacturing codes including CODAP and ISPESL. Cryoquip is also a qualified manufacturer to import pressure vessels into the People’s Republic of China under The Manufacturers License of Special Equipment Certificate (SELO) certificate # TS 2200634-2015. Cryoquip will respond quickly and decisively to any warranty situation, resolve the problem immediately, and resolve any commercial issue as a secondary exercise.

Cryoquip’s consolidated global annual manufacturing volume of new cryogenic processing equipment products comprises approximately 5000 units of all types of vaporizers, and heat exchangers which are the core of our business.

Cryoquip maintains a comprehensive test pad capability. Comprising high and low pressure Cryogenic pumps with flow rates up to 11m3/hr (48 gpm) Liquid Nitrogen, and pressures up to 320 bar (4600psig), full scale AAV and FAV ambient vaporizer tests up to 11,000 Nm3/hr flow rates, industrial and marine fuel skid, and water circulating vaporizers can be extensively and fully tested under real life conditions. A unique hot water heating system based on a standard VFTU system provides a reliable hot water supply, and a full instrumentation package is employed to monitor all aspects of the vaporizer performance. This test pad capability eliminates the guess work regarding the performance of newly developed vaporizers and heat exchange systems before the customer hand over and commissioning.