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Plant Backup Systems

A significant need to provide packaged process plant backup gas supply systems has grown from the increasing demand for industrial gases in all areas of manufacturing. These backup systems are in place in the event of the failure of the primary supply system, resulting in a “loss of supply” situation.

There are three types of backup systems. The simplest and most reliable is the Ambient Vaporizer backup system.

If steam is available as an energy source to heat the water, Cryoquip offers the VSSU series. The system comprises horizontal, insulated steel tank, a heat exchanger, a steam sparging manifold, and controls.

For high flow rates and maximum flexibility, Cryoquip offers the VFTU Series. The system includes an insulated horizontal tank, single or multiple stainless steel process gas tube bundles, twin fuel-fired electronic ignition burners, and controls.

Cryoquip also designs and manufactures special systems when local conditions influence the economic and process operation. This type of system presents unusual design challenges that Cryoquip will take head on.