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LNG Systems

Cryoquip has extensive experience designing LNG vaporizers to supply natural gas at a wide range of pressures, capacities, and flow profiles. These systems are complete with controls and can utilize energy from diesel, propane, natural gas, ambient air, electricity, water, engine coolant, or steam. The systems can be designed for either stationary single site applications or as portable systems to be transported from site to site on trailers, skids, or other mobile methods.

Natural Gas applications include well service equipment, fuel supply for remote power generation, on and off road vehicle fueling, vessel pressure building, and send out stations for terminal regasification. Other send out applications include peak shaving for plants, temporary gas pipeline supply in the event of emergency or scheduled shutdowns, or other process applications for continuous or temporary service.

Combination systems are available utilizing, ambient air during warm weather and gas fired, indirect or steam heated vaporization during cold weather.

The ambient vaporizer series (AAV) is an innovative solution for vaporizing an extensive range of LNG flows. Ambient vaporizers utilize direct heat and mass transfer from heat available in the atmosphere with the most efficient technology in the industry. The reverse “chimney effect” of the natural draft requires no fuel or electricity. Because natural drafts AAVs do not have any moving parts, reliability is maximized with zero maintenance. In addition, the process emits no CO2 or other harmful emissions unlike conventional systems. With a growing push towards lowering emissions, AAVs offer a great solution to tap into a free source of energy without any harmful byproducts. For larger flow rates forced draft units are available (FAVs) and the forced convection heat transfer also assists in cold air dispersion maintaining process efficiency and minimizing ground area for the installation.