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High Horsepower Summit

November 2017

Jacksonville, Florida

North America’s largest conference and expo on the use of natural gas to fuel HHP applications. Borne out of the North American shale gas revolution, the High Horsepower (HHP) Summit presents natural gas as a solution to high horsepower equipment operators aiming to significantly reduce fuel costs, improve environmental performance, and comply with important air quality regulations. Since its inception, the HHP Summit has served as the official meeting place of high horsepower industry stakeholders to discuss the opportunities and challenges offered by natural gas in high-fuel use operations. Working together with our event stakeholders, the Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) team creates the HHP Summit program, drawing upon insight gathered from more than 20 years of clean transportation and energy consulting experience. We’ve worked side by side with high horsepower and natural gas innovators to pioneer North America’s largest and most forward-thinking clean fuel projects.
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Endless Capabilities

Cryoquip is able to design, engineer, and fabricate directly from customers process specifications and P&ID's or from existing fabrication drawings. We provide full design solution capability with the latest heat transfer software and design experience using proprietary programs. Cryoquip has been manufacturing cryogenic and industrial gas related equipment for over 50 years.

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