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Systems Engineering

Ambient Switching System

Ambient vaporizers utilize free energy in the air, making them practically plug-and-play and very easy to use. This does come at a cost, though, as ambient vaporizers will develop ice over time and eventually need to turn off for defrosting. Cryoquip’s unique manufacturing capabilities allows us to manufacture both the ambient vaporizers and the vaporizer switching systems. These switching systems integrate a number of factors to properly defrost the vaporizers and protect downstream components from being introduced to cold gases. These systems have been designed for permanent onsite applications and mobile regasification projects, and can include options for natural gas shutdowns per NFPA59A.

Chiller Systems

Mechanical refrigeration systems, commonly referred to as chiller systems are utilized to control temperature in wide variety of industrial applications. Cryoquip is able to offer systems for air separation units or LNG liquefiers in conjunction with cold boxes if the site requirements and environment justify the use. These systems are highly customizable and can meet any specification, regulation or code. These systems are tailored for the process conditions of the plant, but are typically in the range of 40 to 80 tons of refrigeration per hour.

Cold Boxes

Cosmodyne, a Cryogenic Industries company along with Cryoquip, LLC, designs a wide range of air-separation and natural gas liquefiers, all of which utilize a Cold Box which is the heart of the liquefaction process. These Cold Boxes are manufactured by Cryoquip, LLC at our headquarters in Murrieta, CA. All designs are custom engineered to reach optimal operating points for each installation. Manufacturing the Cold Boxes in house opens up the capability in all realms of cryogenics allowing Cryoquip, LLC to offer truly customized solutions to your cryogenic needs

Cryogenic Transfer Systems

Whether installing a terminal, implementing a virtual pipeline, building a fueling station or managing onsite storage, Cryogenic Transfer Systems are growing in both size and complexity. Cryoquip’s designs for Cryogenic Transfer Systems are becoming more and more versatile due to the increased demand for remote and permanent storage and regasification of cryogens. These designs come in both pumped and pressure transfer piping systems with controls or manual operation, maximizing flow rate and minimizing pressure drop to provide fast and reliable product transfer systems. With installations all over the world ranging from full automation to operator driven, Cryoquip offers equipment for both the new and experienced customer for any application.

Pressure Regulating and Odorization Piping Systems

LNG is a major industry in cryogenics, necessitating a number of newly engineered products for regasification to stay compliant with design codes. This has resulted in many applications that require pressure regulation and/or odorization. Cryoquip’s designs come with the following available options: multiple outlet pressure set points, bypass line, dual redundant regulators, skid mounted or stand alone and U-Stamped odorization equipment.

Vacuum Jacketed Equipment

Vacuum jacketed equipment takes advantage of the basic principles of heat transfer, removing media for heat to flow through. This is done by putting a vessel within another vessel and removing the air between the two, thus creating a vacuum and minimizing how much heat input the inner vessel is exposed to. These types of equipment are used where heat loss is a major concern and Cryoquip has provided this equipment to support fueling stations, boost pump installations, custom vacuum jacketed pressure vessels and a number of other product transfer systems.