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Industrial Gas


Cryoquip has been involved in the aerospace industry for many years. Today Cryoquip produces a full range of high performance and industry standard cryogenic vaporizers for many applications in the Aerospace industry. Using our expertise in cryogenic heat exchanger design and manufacturing we are able to support our customers in the aerospace industry with their developments and innovations. Cryoquip provides vaporization equipment to support rocket launch programs, to create the heat treatment atmosphere inside furnaces to ensure consistency and reproducible operations, and also the vaporization of liquids like nitrogen for aerospace manufacturers to be able to autoclave cure parts to ensure the safety and integrity of the fabrication of aircraft structures.

Back Up Systems

A significant need to provide packaged process plant backup gas supply systems has grown from the increasing demand for industrial gases in all areas of manufacturing. Cryoquip has provided hundreds of economic, reliable and compact backup systems and has emerged as the world’s premier supplier of this type of system. These backup systems are in place in the event of a failure of the primary supply system, resulting in a “loss of supply” situation. Cryoquip can provide different types of back up systems from an ambient vaporizer backup system, which has no moving parts or power requirements for the highest reliability or a water bath back up system for a smaller footprint which, depending on the energy source available, can use steam, hot water, electricity, or natural gas to fire a burner system to heat the water bath for vaporization.


Electronics are becoming smaller, lighter, and more powerful than ever before. Manufacturers are now faced with the challenge of figuring out new and innovative manufacturing techniques to produce these new components efficiently and with increasingly high precision. Cryoquip provides specialty cryogenic vaporizers for many applications in the electronics industry including highly reliable back up vaporization systems used to avoid costly plant shut downs. Using our special electronics high purity vaporizers, manufacturers can use the vaporized gasses to inert the atmosphere during electronic manufacturing processes like the soldering of circuit boards to avoid high peak temperatures and damage to those joints.

Hydrogen Fueling Systems

Cryoquip provides equipment for a large range of applications including hydrogen fueling stations. These cryogenic systems operate at various pressures, flow rates, and duty cycles to generate gaseous hydrogen for fuel cells on hydrogen vehicles. Cryoquip designs and manufactures project specific solutions to meet the wide spectrum of needs. Hydrogen stations have become more common in manufacturing facilities where the equipment can always be nearby to refuel and lessen the carbon footprint of the operation.


Cryoquip is a preeminent supplier of vaporizers for re-gasification in manufacturing processes such as the use of nitrogen as a shield and purge gas in steel production. Oxygen is also used for higher temperatures in blast tube furnaces and as an oxy-fuel to reduce furnace fuel consumption (oxygen-enhanced combustion). A popular vaporizer choice for manufacturing is our direct fired or steam heated water bath vaporizers that can keep up with the high volume demand that is typical in manufacturing, especially in steel mills. These systems are essentially self-contained requiring only on site connection of electricity and natural gas or steam utilities prior to being operational.


Cryoquip is a leading supplier of vaporizers for the healthcare/medical industry. Our ambient air vaporizers are a popular choice for regasification equipment in hospital medical gas distribution applications, typically oxygen, as they have no operational or maintenance costs after installation and are highly reliable. Process equipment for medical applications has unique and stringent requirements and performance standards. Cryoquip offers a wide variety of units to meet these needs as well as a focused selection of ambient air vaporizers with OSHPD certification. Customers have also utilized Cryoquip steam heated and electrically heated vaporizers for their primary medical gas distribution system, when higher outlet temperatures or high flow rates in a compact plot space are required.

Merchant Distribution

Cryoquip plays a prominent role for customers in merchant distribution by manufacturing cryogenic vaporizers. Customers will often employ ambient air vaporizers for short term operation as many applications in this industry are batch type processes and the free heat source is highly economic. These vaporizers comprise a number of individual multi-finned heat transfer extruded elements which can be connected in various series and parallel paths to meet the exact requirements of individual applications. Cryoquip also offers stainless steel lined ambient air vaporizers that can be used for high purity or high pressure applications such as cylinder filling in the packaged gas market, with operating pressures up to 10,000 psi (700 bar).

In other applications such as CO2 distribution in food and beverage plants, Cryoquip customers have taken advantage of available utilities including electricity, hot water, or steam in plants for regasification of liquid CO2. Cryoquip’s shell and tube vaporizers that can utilize cooling water from an existing circuit, often employed in brewery applications for carbonation. These water circulating type vaporizers are ideal when the gas outlet temperature is sensitive and must be precise for the process.

Process Plants

Cryoquip offers a full line of vaporizers for regasification of cryogens in process plants, with the vaporizer heat source depending on the gas volume demand, utilities available, and equipment pad space. Well known applications would include petrochemical processing plants. Nitrogen is widely used for its inertness as it is used for purging and stripping process streams. A newer application of industrial gases in process plants is in wastewater treatment. As these types of plants are becoming more common to conserve the valuable resource, oxygen is used to increase the efficiencies of water treatment by reducing odor and acting as feed gas for ozone generation to disinfect water. With process plants often requiring a small carbon footprint, Cryoquip’s ambient air vaporizers are an opportune choice. When powered equipment is required, the small carbon footprint can still be achieved by supplying ultra-low NOx burners on our VFTU series.

Cryogenic Sampler

The Cryogenic Sampler is the first and most successful design of its kind capable to receive, vaporize, contain and transport a sample of cryogenic gas for laboratory analysis, received patent number: 3,123,982 on March 10th of 1964. The shielded cup sampling method prevents contaminant concentration in the sample and permits an accurate analysis of the supply source purity.

The Cryogenic Sampler is suitable for all cryogens, including liquefied natural gas. The Sampler unit is equipped with a burst disc and pressure gauge and a case that requires no over-packing for shipment.

The Cryogenic Sampler is shipped certified CLEAN FOR OXYGEN SERVICE and may be put in service immediately without pre-cleaning.

The Cryogenic Sampler comes in two options: a standard case, and with a heavy duty and rugged ATA300 cat.1 DOT31-FP case, which is perfect for sending sample shipments by air.